With songwriting skills that would give Gary Barlow a run for his money, Conner Eko has delivered the Christmas song we never knew we needed with ‘Christmas Morning Goodbye’.…pop-rock crossover track…festive piano melody…searing hot guitars blazing through the soundscape around Eko’s resounding, unfaltering vocals.” - Amelia Vandergast of A&R Factory



Photo by Jean-Joel Lawrence

Conner Eko is an emerging indie synth pop singer-songwriter located in the Bay Area, California. His debut single and music video, “SINK”, was self-produced and released on August 3, 2021 after years in hiatus from music. 

Eko participated in previous musical projects as a singer-songwriter (such as Pittsburgh-based indie rock band Falling Andes), but that was many years ago. During this time away, he spent time as a high school science teacher, and most recently began working on a PhD in astrophysics. He studies planets around other stars and thinks about the idea of life elsewhere in the universe. Although Eko’s science pursuits are exciting, the time away from music and songwriting deeply affected him and increased his struggles with a lifelong battle with major depression and anxiety. 

In March 2021, everything changed when a serendipitous accident gave Eko a traumatic brain injury, which led him to developing post-concussion syndrome and an increase in depression and other health problems. Forced to take a leave of absence from his PhD and many other activities, he found solace and healing in his music. With writing and playing music being one of the few things that he could do that wouldn’t result in headaches and other concussion symptoms, Eko began to craft new songs and completed his debut single, “SINK”

SINK” helped get Eko signed to his first record contract with independent record label, Return Records, however--and this was comical to Eko--he was dropped from the label just one month later after it changed leadership and sunsetted. One positive of Eko’s one month tenure to being signed was him linking up with producer Isaac Sharp, who he is actively working with on future releases. 

In the fall of 2021, Eko released the concussion influenced psychedelic music video for “SINK”, and also began to think about the horizon and wrote new material. One morning, Eko woke early and went straight to his piano and his next single, “Christmas Morning Goodbye”, basically wrote itself. Never intending to release a Christmas song, and against the idea of making it sound like one, Eko decided to release and produce it just like any other song and it therefore represents the next stage in his development as an artist. Eko is proud of its powerful message of saying goodbye to a loved one and how this can be a good thing--a gift. Eko also wanted something in this song that a lot of people could relate to, given that many do experience heartbreak and sadness during the holiday season and may want a change versus hearing the same overly joyful corporate products of the holidays. 

Conner Eko’s “Christmas Morning Goodbye” released on December 3, 2021 on all major music streaming and download platforms and was accompanied by a music video. Eko is currently working on follow up releases set for 2022 that will blend indie synth pop and retro indie singer-songwriter. Lyrically, Eko’s new songs will tell his own personal story, his battle with depression, as well as include philosophical themes and metaphors relating to humanity and our place on Earth and in the cosmos.